Psychotherapy and Counselling

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Sometimes our lives take a sudden unexpected turn, or circumstances arise which throw us into a spin and can leave us reeling. 

Things may, however, not be so dramatic on the surface, but instead we feel a gradual and growing sense of dissatisfaction with our relationships, our careers or with life in general.  A sense of 'is this all there is?' or 'what next?' can pervade our thoughts and cause unease and discomfort.

At such times in our lives we may be consumed by doubts and fears and other strong feelings that we wish to keep hidden from those nearest to us and which we may feel should never see the light of day. 

Whatever your situation - and each one is unique - taking time out in order to give yourself the opportunity to talk through and explore your situation in a therapeutic setting can help you regain your equilibrium, change your perspective, and restore and increase your ability to deal with whatever life throws at you.

Latest News

I am going to be on a panel of speakers at an event addressing mental well- being in the legal profession on the evening of 14 May 2015. The event will take place at the Law Society in Chancery Lane, London.

All panel speakers belong to the legal and/or mental health professions.

Stress and anxiety are issues all too often encountered in the pressured environment of the legal profession. But it is also often swept under the carpet and left unaddressed – sometimes with very severe consequences which affect not only the individual in question, but also their firms. This seminar is designed to highlight the issues we should be looking at, and signposting both legal professionals and their employers to methods, strategies and organisations that work to provide effective solutions, ultimately resulting in a happier and more effective individual and working environment.

Full details and booking information can be found here, and include 1 CPD accredited hour. The event is free. Please feel free to circulate this information to any fellow professionals who may be interested.